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The people behind Baja Designs Live and Breathe off-roading and our products reflect that passion. Our engineers have finished the grueling Baja 1000 more than 15 times, both on a bike in the competitive pro class and in class 16 and class 1 cars. We also take numerous multi-day Dual Sport trips throughout the year. In fact, you never know where in the world we will show up on our motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and buggies. Our engineers are well-known throughout the industry as being the gurus of off-road lighting. Since we are in Southern California, we are able to test with all of the factory motorcycle teams along with some of the biggest names in the truck and buggy classes. We constantly use racer feedback and our own vast experience to develop the best off-road products on the planet. Thank you for sharing our passion for off-roading.

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All lights are not created equal. Lights that work well on a street vehicle are not necessarily best for off-road conditions. Off road vehicles have more body pitch, more suspension travel, more vibration, and face more varied terrain. Other lighting manufacturers offer “off-road” lights that were designed for use on the street or simple dirt roads. Baja Designs lights were created for extreme off-road terrain and driving conditions. The design of the optics is the most important factor in an off-road light.
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